Mammalian Exon Size: Upper Limit

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Mon Jun 8 10:38:26 EST 1992

bhjelle at (Brian Hjelle) writes:

>I am posting the following for a friend. His lab has sequenced
>an internal exon (not a 3' exon) of a new zinc finger gene and
>encountered open reading frame thru 700 bp of sequence, still
>open at the end of the sequenced region. He is concerned that
>this ORF is too large, indicating that he actually might have
>an (intronless) pseudogene. 

>Does anyone know how large the largest mammalian (internal)
>exons are? Any comments would be appreciated.


GenBank 71 contains the following internal, coding exons
of >1000nt:

          Gene                        exon (of)          nt

Human apolipoprotein B			26 (29)		7572
Mouse complement component C3		 3 ( 4)		4580
Human lactase phlorizin hydrolase	 8 (17)		1551
Human butyrylcholinesterase		 2 ( 4)		1525
Mouse episialin				 2 ( 7)		1304*
Mouse mucin				 2 ( 7)		1301*
Rat neuronal nicot. acetylcholine rec.   5 ( 6)         1030

* may be the same gene

This list may not be comprehensive -- exons would be missed
if they are the first or last exon in an entry which
had not been completely sequenced.

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