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In a previous article, bugg at () says:
>For those of you who use P-32 rather than S-35 to sequence, there is no need to
>dry the gel at all.  What we do is separate the plates and trim off any excess
>gel we don't want.  Then, we pick up the gel with an old piece of "junk" X-ray
>film or a piece of Whatman 3M paper, wrap it in Saran wrap and put it in a film
>casette.  You have to be careful never to touch the Saran wrap or the film you
>are exposing with gloves in order to avoid "Saran-Zap", but other than that,
>this method saves a lot of time.

We avoid Saran-Zap during autoradiography by spraying the plastic-
covered gel with Static Guard prior to covering it with film.  It
also keeps scintillation vials from picking up a charge after being
handled with gloves.

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