DNA software for PCs

Thomas L Sims tsims at magnus.acs.ohio-state.edu
Thu Jun 4 19:36:13 EST 1992

(stuff deleted...)

>If anyone knows of anyone developing a Windows DNA analysis package I'd like t
>hear about it.
I'd like to add on a bit to the question. My experience is that most PC-based 
programs do a pretty good job on the basics (putting together gel contigs, 
doing translations, restriction maps, simple homologies etc.), and it pretty 
much comes down to a choice of interface preference, price, what your friends 
have, etc. (Incidentally my personal bias is that IBI took a perfectly good, 
simple program, i.e., Pustell and over time added a completely unusable 
interface to it. I haven't seen a version in a couple of years though, so maybe
they changed it for the better.)

Anyway, my real point: Most PC programs are designed to be able to run on 
AT-era machines (and given the economics of software development will probably 
continue to do so). Are there any programs being designed to take advantage of 
the greater speed and memory available for 486 and (future) faster machines? 
For example, something along the lines of the GCG or Staden programs that have 
the power to do multiple sequence alignments or (RNA or protein) structure 
predictions/modeling? I've heard rumors that Staden programs can run under 
X-Windows on Unix stations--and that OS/2 2.0 could probably run X-Windows and 
therefore Staden? Or am I just confused?


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