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In article <1992Jun5.014549.14404 at>, rjhoffma at (Richard J. Hoffmann) writes:
>I generally use wedge gel spacers and I've found that the bottom of the
>gel is *very* sticky if I dry it without first fixing in MeOH:acetic
>acid:water.  Since I use S-35, plastic wrap is out.  Can a wedge gel be
>dried without fixing and without sticking to the film?
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Sounds to me like you just aren't drying it enough. The bottom of the wedge
gel is much thicker than the top and will take exponentially longer to
dry. Try leaving it on the dryer another hour and see if that helps.

By the way, we do leave plastic wrap on our S-35 gels. There is some
increase in exposure time, but we still get nice overnight exposures, so
who cares. The secret is to not get the real thick plastic wrap but use
the thinner stuff. We find that real live SARAN brand works well.

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