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>So you don't dry the gels at all?  How much is your signal quenched (if at 
>all), and do you wrap both sides of the gel (front & back)?
>In a related area, if one doesn't remove urea from gels with a methanol/acetic 
>acid preparation, is the urea sucked into the vacuum pump with any stray water 
>vapor, and can this harm the pump?

	Back when I used P32 I rarely dried my gels. Quenching was not
a problem at all. However the resolution (especially near the top of the
gel ) is not as sharp with a wet gel as with a dried gel. So depends
upon whether you are going for maximal sequence or not.

	With S35 we always dry our gels, but we never wash out the urea
either. The signals are weaker when you leave the urea in place, but
not enough to worry about. We still get nice overnight exposures. We don't
use a normal vacuum pump, I have the Savant Gel pump which is immune to
everything (no cold trap needed). I highly recommend this setup to
folks, the pump is pretty quite, no cold trap needed, no oil to change,
no maintainance at all. Have had it about a year with no problems. Price
about the same as a good vacuum pump (~$1500), especially if you don't
have to get a cold trap or freezer it is much cheaper.

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