DNA software for PCs

Michael Holloway mhollowa at ccnova.sunysb.edu
Thu Jun 4 19:40:00 EST 1992

In article <1992Jun2.144330.12312 at athena.cs.uga.edu>, russell at dogwood.botany.uga.edu writes...
>Can someone recommend either the best, or most cost-effective, DNA
>software package to run on PC clones (386 or 486)?
>My needs are:
>1.  entering data from standard sequencing runs & putting the
>    pieces together.
>2.  standard analysis (restriction sites, translations etc.)
>3.  being able to search databases.
>Is anyone familiar with the IBI package, for example, and how does
>it rate with other software?
>My understanding is that a lot of searching can be done by network
>distributed databases, such as WAIS or Gopher, mentioned previously
>on this newsgroup.
>Any suggestions will be most appreciated.
>Russell Malmberg
>russell at dogwood.botany.uga.edu

DNASTAR is currently offering a new 60 day trial of their analysis package.  
It's a complete working version of the software but it apparently checks the 
clock and checks out after 60 days.  You get tech support along with the trial. 
 I looked at an older trial version of DNASTAR (that only allowed 7 loadings of 
the software using a key disk) and found it amazingly similar to the GCG 
software.  Everything is divided up into little programs that may or may not be 
named so that you can guess at their function.  There are about 75 of them.  
Since there really isn't any serious work I could get done at only 7 sittings, 
the large folder and 13 disks have been collecting dust on my desk (once I use 
it I won't be able to use it but if I need it I won't be able to ...).  Like 
the GCG programs it can be difficult to use and may require some trial and 
error but it is more than complete.  

Their number is (608)258-7420.

If anyone knows of anyone developing a Windows DNA analysis package I'd like to 
hear about it.


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