PCR re-amplification

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In article <1992Jun2.235739.7982 at usenet.ins.cwru.edu> axa12 at po.CWRU.Edu (Ashok Aiyar) writes:
>In a previous article, listona at bionette.cgrb.orst.edu (Aaron Liston) says:
>>I would like to hear from anyone who is successfully re-amplifying
>>PCR products.  How do you do it?
>Gel purified PCR product (electro-elution onto DE81 paper or
>DEAE Nylon membrane) works fine as a template for re-amplification.
>I've re-amplified products from 300 bp to about 2.5 Kb.  
>Whenever I've tried the re-amplification without purifying the
>product, I've ended up with tons of primer-dimer.
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All the answers I am reading are concerned by a new amplification after
purification of the amplified fragment(s).

But did somebody a re-amplification directly in the "first" mixture or from
an aliquot, e.g.  because the amplification is very slight, or for practical
purposes (as routine diagnosis) ?

In this case is the "nested" PCR the only way to re-amplify ?

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