Homemade PCR gems

Thu Jun 4 10:59:49 EST 1992

A couple of months ago, the following was posted:

>From:	MX%"ageorge at mbio.med.upenn.edu"  1-APR-1992 12:18:11.57
>Subj:	Homemade PCR gems
>Has anyone perfected a method for producing "home-grown" wax pellets
>for use in "hot-start" PCR?  We have been playing around with various
>substances and have had reasonable success with Sigma Paraplast.  We
>heat a few grams of the material in a few milliliters of sterile water
>in the microwave until melted.  Then use a "sawed off" pasteur pipette
>to drop the molten paraplast into cold sterile water to form the
>"gems".  We are working on getting the size standardized.  The cost
>per pellet is quite low.
>	Any other ideas??
>Al George

I'd like to know whether Al or anyone else has made any progress on the
techniques since that posting.  Thanks, Bill

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