PCR Reamplification

Dr. I. Dunham idunham at crc.ac.uk
Thu Jun 4 03:58:07 EST 1992

In article <1992Jun3.142723.11255 at crc.ac.uk>, naffara at crc.ac.uk (Dr. N.A. Affara) writes:
> Having heard some of the many suggested ways to reamplify a pcr 
> product I thought I would let you know how we do it.
> First i am assuming you are trying to amplify using the same primers.
> 1 Make a mix in a pcr tube without any template.
> 2 Take pcr tube with product that needs to be reamplified.
> 3 Take 1-2ul (any small amount will do) and put in the the new
> tube as if it were the template.(which it is :-))
> 4 Put tube in pcr machine and that's it.
> Note NO purification at all. (total waste of time)

Here's a neat trick that works well for us particularly for
radiolabelling PCR products....

Take the gel on which you have just analysed your PCR product 
and stick a sterile toothpick into the band you require ( -
useful if you have several fragments).  Swirl the toothpick in
a tube containing your next round PCR components and place in 
the PCR machine.

idunham at uk.ac.crc

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