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> Greetings Netters:
> ..... What do people use to fix their
> sequencing gels?  Anybody NOT use acetic acid?  How do you get around the
> hygroscopic nature of urea?  How about just water and EtOH?  We use 10% each of
> acetic acid and EtOH and with poor ventilation the acetic acid fumes are a bit
> offensive.  Just curious... 

For those of you who use P-32 rather than S-35 to sequence, there is no need to
dry the gel at all.  What we do is separate the plates and trim off any excess
gel we don't want.  Then, we pick up the gel with an old piece of "junk" X-ray
film or a piece of Whatman 3M paper, wrap it in Saran wrap and put it in a film
casette.  You have to be careful never to touch the Saran wrap or the film you
are exposing with gloves in order to avoid "Saran-Zap", but other than that,
this method saves a lot of time.
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