bluescript and RACE

Dr. Art Buchberg buchberg at CALVIN.JCI.TJU.EDU
Tue Jun 2 17:55:23 EST 1992

Hello netters
I have two questions
	1) What is maximum size of insert that be be safely cloned into pBluescript?
	2) WE are currently trying to amplify the 5'ends of several mRNAs 
(5'RACE) are are running into some problems.  We think the TDT rxn is not performing well, We are currently trying to use labelled C to check for incorptoration.
WE are using the BRL kit, which uses a poly C addition.  Controls indicate that the RT is working well, WE can amplify using an oliog located in 5' region. But we want to know how much further 5' our genes are.  Any suggestions or commonly encountered 
problems with RACE would be appreciated

Thanks for any and all advice

Arthur Buchberg
buchberg at

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