Robert M. Straubinger rms at acsu.buffalo.edu
Tue Jun 2 00:19:37 EST 1992

In article <1992May29.134959.1 at vaxa.strath.ac.uk> cdds01 at vaxa.strath.ac.uk writes:
>Here is a 'tall order'. My department has just been given some money to buy an HPLC system.
>Someone asked me why I have not considered FPLC. I didn't as I don't know which is better.
>Does anyone out there have any advice to give.
   You might want to check out Hitachi's HPLC pumps; the 6200 series (by
mfgr's claims) will run at the pressures and flow rates you want for 
FPLC. Also, there's an inexpensive (single-pump) gradient system. Best of
all, and a main reason I purchased one, is that the pumps (as well as
detectors) can be run/programed by a PC over a standard (built-in) serial
communications port.
  Beware, should you decide to use HPLC pumps extensively for salt-containing
mobile phases -- these solutions are death to pistons and seals, and you 
must be certain to flush the pumps at the day's end.
-- Bob

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