Oligo Percipitation

the End jgraham at bronze.ucs.indiana.edu
Mon Jun 1 16:41:09 EST 1992

Hello Bionetters,

In my search for the simplest procedure for removing primers from a
PCR reaction product, I was reminded that I had heard that you can
recover the product by an amonium acetate/ ethanol percipitation and
leave the primers behind. This supposedly worked well enough to
sequence the products with an alternate primer directly.

I would be most interested in hearing from anyone who has worked with 
labeled oligonucleotides and various percipitation procedures.

Thanks much,

jgraham at sunflower.bio.indiana.edu 

Note: I'm amazed at how many people have responded to my questions
with experiences with various commercial "kits". I hope this expensive
trend does not continue, as it takes the procedure out of the users
hands. It also has the effect of reducing the free flow of technical
information between researchers. They might be nice to try but we do
not use any commercially available kits or "mystery coumns" on a
routine basis.

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