Commercial DNA sequence reliability?

FRANK,BART bfrank at
Tue Mar 31 14:47:00 EST 1992

So far, our lab has always done its own sequencing of cloned/PCR DNA
fragments which we are studying.  We have recently isolated a very
large clone (about 8kb) of which we would like to know the
sequence.  We can either do it in our lab or send it (or a portion
of it out to be sequenced by a number of firms which advertise
in the various journals.  For those of you that have used such a 
service in the past, can you tell me who you used and how pleased/dis-
pleased you were.  Did they provide the raw data for you to review 
their sequences? How long did it take them to sequence your 
fragment and how long was the fragment?
Thanks in advance for the advice!
Bart Frank

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