single stranded PCR

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Sun Mar 29 11:25:46 EST 1992

    Maybe try an asymmetric PCR where one primer is in large excess to the
other.  The first 20 or so cycles are done normally and then one primer runs
out.  Production of single strands then continues using the other primer
for about 20 more cycles.  I don't have a protocol but I hope this helps.

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We would greatly appreciate receiving a protocol for using PCR to make single
stranded molecules. We thought about lambda exonuclease using one kinased
oligo to digest away one strand. Any ideas? Any suggestions. Where to get
lambda exonuclease from?
Thanks a lot!
P. Linder at cernvax.bitnet
Joost Loijens                              uog12013 at
University of Guelph, Guelph, ON, Canada

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