making Taq polymerase

Dan Diaz bl275 at cleveland.Freenet.Edu
Thu Mar 26 19:11:28 EST 1992

If you are using large amounts of polymerase for sequencing or
whatever, and it is prohibitively expensive to purchase it, there
is little anyone can do to stop you from doing so, provided you
aren't setting up a polymerase outlet in your living room.

If you are at a university or other non-profit institution, it is
quite unlikely that the amplification gods will go through the
expense of suing you.  My guess is that the calls to legal
departments referred to are little more than intimidation.

Any of a number of university laboratories have the necessary
clones for any of a number of polymerases.  If you publish a
paper indicating that you used 10 units of polymerase for 
whatever, no one is going to knock on your door asking you where
you got it.  I believe in free enterprise and in property
rights, but no one owns DNA polymerase.  They can own the
rights to make and sell it commercially for particular applica-
tions.  For most of us, buying EcoRI or Sequenase or HPLC
columns beats the time and expense of making our own.  If I
consumed buckets of any of these, I would learn how to make it.

Thank goodness that Arthur Kornberg didn't patent every DNA
polymerase and any possible use thereof back in the 50's.
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