Has anyone used Clonetech's Transferrin Receptor Primer set

Steve Feldman sfeldman at njmsa.umdnj.edu
Wed Mar 25 18:28:44 EST 1992

kseiden at casbah.acns.nwu.edu (Kenneth Seidenman) writes:

>Hi, I was wondering if anyone has tried using Clonetech's transferrin-
>receptor primers for doing RT-PCR quantitation.  I would like any thoughts
>on the potential variability of transferrin-receptor transcript levels under
>constant-iron conditions in cell culture (i.e. would it not be a good
>reference mRNA for relative PCR quantitation?).



I just sent for their G3DPH kit. I haven't received it yet. As for transferrin
receptor, I do know that it's level can vary in response to some virus
infections. So I guess the caveat is know your system. If you can assure
yourself that your system's conditions don't effect transferrin receptor you
should be fine.

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