CMV promoter-sequence and activity?

Tomi Makela Tomi.Makela at
Wed Mar 18 04:44:34 EST 1992

We have been using a CMV-B-gal construct as a control for transfection 
efficiencies in transient transfections. During these experiments we have
noticed that this plasmid is not a very good control, because the CMV promoter
itself is regulated to some extent by our other plasmids. Now we would be
very interested in finding out the sequence of the CMV promoter, and we would
also like to hear from other constructs used for monitoring transfection

Any help will be much appreciated,

Tomi Makela
Cancer Biology Laboratory                tel: 358-0-434 6573
Departments of Virology and Pathology    fax: 358-0-434 6491
University of Helsinki                 Email: Tomi.Makela at
00290 Helsinki

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