Protocol archiving (whoa !)

jim jgraham at
Fri Mar 13 17:17:20 EST 1992>
Organization: hoosiers, inc.

> >I don't think that an archive site is the best way to go. 
> >As was discussed recently on bionet.general a FAQ (Frequently
> >Asked Question, posted once a month for example) for the 
> >different bionet (BIOSCI) groups may be more appropriate.
> >Obviously the FAQ for methods newsgroup would be the most 
> >difficult to keep up to date, but would be most usefull because 
> >*it would be kept up to date*.  
> >
> >Any volonteers?
> >
> >francis
> Hmm...Francis may have a point there. Still, maintaining a 
> FAQ of *all* the diverse methods discussed here is a daunting
> task, to say the least. Better to parcel out the jobs for 
> specific areas (sequencing and DNA preps, phage biology, 
> Drosophila tricks, etc.) to different FAQsters, and have 
> an overall FAQ where these people can be contacted for 
> copies of the FAQs, and contributions.
> -rich

It is ridiculous to suggest a FAQ sheet in the context of actual laboratory
procedures. What I suggested in my original post was a regular posting
describing the automated search system that exists for articles previously
posted in this newsgroup.

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