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Wed Mar 11 07:21:00 EST 1992

In article <1992Mar11.073927.21084 at>, jgraham at (the End) writes...
>If you're wondering why "no one has suggested an archive previously" I
>have on numerous occasions but my posts were apparently killed
>effectively by whatever mysterious and silent agency moderates this
>newsgroup. My request has leaked through in other forms and there is
>apparently a method to search old posts which have shown up here. It
>involves an automated E-mail response system. I can send it to you if
>you like (and this message makes it).
>To the omnicient moderators: 
>Why not some kind of FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) posting ?
>At least an acknowledgement when a post is silenced.
>J. Graham
>Chemistry Department
>Indiana University
>jgraham at

	1. I would be very supprised if there are any "omnicient moderators"
	   of this news group and it is my impression that this group is
           *not* moderated.  Thus, the magic computer deamon is "killing"
           your postings, not some human.
	2. To second (or third) the cudos to Don with his Gopher hole and
           Rob with his info to the net regarding WAIS, et al., as I recall,
	   the first search I made once we set up the WAIS client here was
	   to search for postings regarding PCR, and I got back a listing
	   of 40 postings about PCR.  Wais, Gopher and now WWW are available,
	   so go-for-it.
	3. As for an FAQ, I've thought about this, but, it seems an almost
	   impossible task.  Better to develop and use search methods, via
	   Wais, Gopher, etc, to search an archive for previous postings
	   then for someone to clone one of the readily available "bibles"
	   to the net.  Fingers and index's still work with paper bound
	4. With that (#3) said, I feel it is better to learn *how* to find
	   information from various sources and *then* make an educated 
	   decision as to which protocol to follow.  The great benefit of is that once we've tried to find an answer
	   by readily available approaches, most times someone on the net
	   has had a similar problem but not published their solution *and*
	   they will share their solution with the rest of us if we ask.

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