4-heptadecyl-7-hydroxy coumarin

John Nash num208jn at MBDS.NRC.CA
Thu Mar 12 10:18:01 EST 1992

In article <1992Mar12.140558.26895 at nrcnet0.nrc.ca>, I wrote:
>G'day netfolk,
>This is for a colleague who has no net access.
>Does anybody know a supplier of 4-heptadecyl-7-hydroxy coumarin, or
>the address and phone number of the only supplier I can find:
>Molecular Probes, Junction City, Oregon.
>Please reply here or to me... it doesn't matter which.

BIONET comes through again... in 30 min, no less!

Thanks to Mike Ready from the Clayton Foundation Biochem Inst,
University of Texas, and Janet Braam at Rice University for the quick

For any others who might be interested, or in case it goes in a
gopher hole, the address is:   

                  Molecular Probes, Inc.
                  4849 Pitchford Ave.  Eugene, OR 97402-9144
or:               P.O. Box 22010, Eugene OR 90402-0414
Phone:            (503) 344-3007
Fax:              (503) 344 6504

My boss is REALLY impressed, and since I have been trying to sell
these groups at work... you folk have done me SEVERAL favours!!!

cheers,  John.

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