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>>A while ago, before I needed to know about it, a sales rep told me how his
>>company was supplying DNA sequencing reagents in microtiter dishes.  Now
>>I need to know and can't for the life of me remember which company it was.
>>Do any of you have experience sequencing in microtiter dishes?  Who supplies
>>them, whose are best, are they worth using?  Thanks in advance for any info
>>you can provide.  Maggie Ober
>Well I think that would have been Amersham. We do all our sequencing in
>Cooke microtitre trays using Sequenase 2.0. If the result looks a bit
>dodgy try Gene-cleaning (using Gene-clean II) your template. It works
>wonders. No need to buy expensive Amersham 96-well technology, just make

I didn't get all of this one - broke off here ^^^^^^^^^^^^.

Also what is the difference between the various glass powder kits.  I have
Prep-a-Gene from Bio-Rad.  Is Gene Clean II better for seq. products?

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