Protocol Archiving

Tue Mar 10 11:04:00 EST 1992

Don and others have said....

>>....text deleted...
>>How about an archiving site for commonly asked
>>or unusually useful protocols? Examples of things
>>that can be stored there:
>>1. Method for preparing Glassmilk.
>>2. Tricks in fine-tuning PCR specificity
>>3. Ways to avoiding sequencing problems
>>4. Common problems with vectors
>>5. Sources of unusual strains and constructs
>>...and the list goes on. Any volunteers?
>I've been toying with this idea of setting up a molbio protocols
>archive thru Internet Gopher.  In fact, all the messages from
>this group now are archived for anonymous ftp at, 
>in folder usenet/bionet/molbio/methds-reagnts.
>But, it would be nicer to separate the questions & discussion here
>from true protocols & recipies.  There is already the start of a 
>working protocol list from Jim Brown (here at IU) who has put together
>about 50 recipies used by him and colleagues here.  This is now
>available thru Internet Gopher, where you can browse thru the protocols
>easily, and also search thru them for key words.
>.....text deleted....

Great idea! I have been doing this with a VAX Notes Conference here entitled
Cell_Molecular for a course I teach in In Vitro Cell Biology & Biotechnology.
Currently it is available only to SUNY schools running VAX Notes. Due to 
security access via internet and the telnet facility to any university running
Notes is *not* available. However, I'm told that it may be by this summer.



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