Bind silane protocols [A Procedure] Urea?

Dennis J. Templeton djt2 at po.CWRU.Edu
Mon Mar 9 16:58:19 EST 1992

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>>This is definitely  superior to drying the gels on paper, in my opinion.
>This is protocol is of extreme interest to me since I was about to jump off 
>the deep end and try drying a sequencing gel without benefit of a gel drier 
>tommorrow.  The protocol I was going to follow though was published in 
>Biotechniques 11(4):473 by Aaron Jastrow.  He describes the use of a "Curl 
>Dazzler 1250 by Conair" to dry an unfixed sequencing gel to 3MM paper.  He 
>claims the urea isn't a problem.  Alternatively, the gel is dried by leaving 
>it for several hours in a fume hood.  The hair drier is used in the fume hood 
>Has anyone tried this?  I'm going to try it on a test gel at least.

I know folks who dry the gels onto 3MM without removing the urea and who 
state that it "doesn't matter" but it looks to me that they lose about 
half their signal and a lot of their resolution.

For the glass plate-bind method it DOES matter, probably because the urea
can't be sucked down into the paper out of the way.  My students frequently
try to cheat on washing the glass-bound gel for too short of a time, and
they get urea crystals and a sticky gel... then have to re-fix and re dry

If you don't have a big gel dryer, the glass bind method is *definitely*
worth trying.

good luck...


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