source for Voltalef 15S ?

yhsun%imb.dnet at LAS.AS.EDU.TW yhsun%imb.dnet at LAS.AS.EDU.TW
Mon Mar 9 12:16:11 EST 1992

I post the following message a few days ago. Unfortunately our system had
some trouble, and our address is now changed. So I'm posting this again. If
you had sent message to me and was bounced, please send it again. Thanks.

I am looking for commercial source of the fluorocarbon Voltalef 15S (or 10S
and 20S), which is used to cover Drosophila embryos during and after
microinjection. Can someone please tell me your supplier (name, address,
FAX, TEL, etc.), or some substitute? Thanks.

Henry Sun
Institute of Molecular Biology
Academia Sinica
Taipei, Taiwan, ROC

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