dot blot suggestions

Cheung C. Yue ccy at po.CWRU.Edu
Sat Mar 7 10:49:34 EST 1992

I am doing some recombinant baculovirus screening using the method of
limiting dilution and dot blotting.  Unfortunately I am trying to do
3 at a time, and my Bio-Rad dot blot apparatus is extremely slow.
My questions are:
1.  Do folks have other favorite 96-well dot blot apparatus which may
    work more smoothly?  Has anyone tried the new Gibco 96 well 
    dot blot apparatus with the 6 mm dot size (which does not use
    any clamps)?
2.  Should I be using a vacuum pump instead of house vacuum?
3.  Any other method to transfer 96 samples onto a nitrocellulose
Any suggestions are welcomed.
ccy at

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