communication program?

the End jgraham at
Thu Mar 5 03:06:41 EST 1992

simpson at biovx1.DNET.NASA.GOV writes:

>Dear Netters,
>Does anyone know of a communication program running on a PC that
>would allow emulation of a Tetronix graphics terminal using a TCP/IP
>protocol over an ethernet connection? Thanks and I apologize for
>asking a computer question on the METHODS network, but I thought
>it was worth a try.

>Larry Simpson, UCLA Department of Biology


You are looking for the latest VersaTerm PRO (3.5) from Abblebeck
Software. It is a fantastic telecom program, and it does just what 
you asked. Requires System 7 or the Communications Toolbox. I strongly
recommend this program.

J. Graham
Biology Dept.

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