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Wed Mar 4 22:53:00 EST 1992

In article <axa12.85 at>, axa12 at (Ashok Aiyar) writes...

>MS-Kermit version 3.11 will emulate a Tek 4014 terminal, and 
>has internal support for TCP/IP protocols.  It is free, and
>you can't beat that!  Kermit also has a good VT300 series
>emulation with ONLY Sixel graphics; REGIS is not supported.
>Also, NCSA Telnet version 2.3 can emulate a Tek 4014 terminal.
>This is besides VT100/VT102 emulation.

Sorry to promulgate the questions about comm programs on the mol-bio methds
group, but since we're here.....

How can I get MS-Kermit?  A FTP site?  Is the documentation any good?


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