PCR primer melting temperature

R. Mark Adams ma690188 at mbir.bcm.tmc.edu
Mon Mar 2 09:54:26 EST 1992

I have had a number of email requests for the FTP address from which to obtain
PRIMER, the program for determining optimal PCR primers, so here goes:

The source code (in C) can be obtained from genome.wi.edu ( via
anonymous FTP,  under the directory _distribution_.  There are makefiles for a
number of machines there, but you have to compile the program yourself.  If all
this sounds difficult, you can mail a request to:

PRIMER c/o The Lander Lab,
Whitehead Institute/MIT
9 Cambridge Center, Cambridge, MA 02142.

Email to "primer at genome.wi.edu" (Internet),  or  FAX to 617-258-6505

Request a copy of PRIMER, specifying a 3 1/2" floppy disk for either
SPARCStation, PC, or Mac.  All disks contain the entire C source code,
which should compile and run on any machine listed above, as well as a
ready-to-run version for the appropriate machine (Mac or PC).  They
cannot send out other formats at this time.  Please do NOT send money
or a blank floppy.

Good luck with PRIMER, I hope you find this information useful.

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