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I am working on abalone genetics (gel electrophoresis) and have a problem that
I hope someone can help with. Abalone foot muscle tissue is one of the hardest
muscle tissues known. (this is a marine mollusc for those who don't know- and
they make good eating- but one has to pound away at them before you cook it
because otherwise you'd be eating something like an old shoe). Anyway, this
tissue is very collagenous and it makes homogenising by conventional methods
very difficult. While I do have alternative tissues I need to use the foot for
certain enzymes but have been frustrated by the homogenising problem. I've
tried freezing in liquid nitrogen, ultra-turax electric homogenisers, sand and
glass. I haven't tried ultrasound because I'm scared I'll damage the enzymes.
Someone suggested collagenases but I need to keep the temperature down. So what
else can I try.

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