Cloning PCR products

Don Gilbert gilbertd at
Wed May 27 19:37:11 EST 1992

In article <9205272038.AA16128 at> MIKEF at BROWNVM.BROWN.EDU (Mike Fessler) writes:
>I remember awhile back there was a discussion on the difficulties of cloning
>PCR products and some tactics to overcome these difficulties. I've tried
>doing a WAIS search on "PCR product cloning", but my client keeps bombing.

Perhaps you need a new client...try an Internet Gopher client.  I used gopher
to the wais gateway at u.minnesota, and searched the bionet.src (biosci.src?),
and found about 35 articles matching your query string.  These I collected
and you can ftp them from as incoming/

This is probably a frequently asked question, as the first article I found
was a reply by Rob Harper from last year to a similar question (where are
archives of PCR news...).

-- Don
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