E. coli pre-aborption of polyclonal sera

Katherine G. Hamil khamil at med.unc.edu
Tue May 19 09:47:18 EST 1992

	I am looking for advice and a good protocol for
removing E. coli-specific antibodies from my rabbit
polyclonal sera. 
	I am trying to use these antibodies to screen a lambda
cDNA expression library (using 125I-protein A to detect
to positive clones).
Pre-immune sera give no signal but the high titer sera 
lights up all the plaques on the filter. This happens
for both lambda gt11 or my cDNA library. I have tried
pre-incubating the sera with E. coli acetone powder
AND re-using (2-3X) the antibody dilutions but neither
seems to help.
	Any information about useful commercially available kits
would also be appreciated.
	Please e-mail responses to khamil at med.unc.edu.
	Thanks in advance,
		Katherine Hamil

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