Looking for plasmid vector with no pUC sequences

David Steffen steffen at mbcr.bcm.tmc.edu
Mon May 18 11:57:50 EST 1992

  We are doing nuclear runoff assays on transfected cells and need to
be absolutely certain that what we detect are sequences from our gene
of interest (c-myc and CAT) and not vector sequences.  Thus, we need
probes that are absolutely free of anything which cross-hbiridizes
with our vector, eliminating anything pUC-derived or m13-derived.
Because of the kinetics of these kinds of hybridizations, gel
purification does not provide probe sequences sufficiently free of

  I remember reading about some commercially available vectors that
were from a different ancestory than are the pUC/pBR plasmids and thus
have no sequence homology, but cannot find these now that I need them.

(1) Does anyone know where I can find plasmid vectors with no homology
to the pBR/pUC family and with no lacZ sequences?

(2) Lacking that, does anyone have any suggestions on how to generate
a probe ABSOLUTELY free of vector?


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