CO2 in cold rooms - a new prespective !!!

Fri May 8 19:01:23 EST 1992

Hello Everyone !!!
(I mean all those who did not automatically delete the message once they
 saw the subject : CO2 in cold rooms....)

May I suggest an efficient, simple and not too expensive solution.
I have seen here in Israel, (and I guess it's not only here...) , a small
digital electronic detector W/ an electronic contactor which can be pre-set.
The cost here is about 30-35$ per unit. It shouldn't be too hard to set
something like that in your cold room at 1 meter height from the floor
(below that shouldn't pose any problem). Let it light out in the corridor
a red bulb (or whatever...) when CO2 levels go wild, and off goes the
Between you and me, I guess the bulb will never light out, but no one has
ever died (or suffocated...) from too much caution...

Best Wishes,
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