Laura, Overexpression of Eukaryotic proteins

mic296e at mic296e at
Thu Nov 5 23:07:07 EST 1992

Dear Laura,
having myself problems with the pMal system, I would greatly appreciate
if you could give a brief summary of the respondes you got.
In particullar, what does "carbenicillin" do that ampicillin doesn't.
In addition to what you described I (my protein) have severe degradation
problems with both pMAl p2 and c2. Degradation is occuring 
already the cell and the "fusion protein" has just the size of the MBP part
(42 kD).
Where can I get the E.coli strain BL 21 from and are there other strains or 
tricks to get this system going?

thanks:  Beat von Kanel

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