re Nested deletion kits/methods

J Preiss--Seq Anal preissj at CLVAX1.CL.MSU.EDU
Thu Nov 5 14:59:00 EST 1992

Hi netters

	In response to Marc Van Ranst's request for info on nested deletion
kits / methods, I highly recoment the method in the Promega kit.
	This kit uses ExoIII and goes from the initial restriction digest
to the final transformation of E. coli with no phenol extractions and no
precipitations.  It is, therefore, very fast, easy, and convenient (not to
mention cost effective).  I have used this method with much success, and
many of my friends and colleages have used it with success as well.  I must 
add, however, that I have never actually used the kit!  Someone passed the
instruction manual around the department and we all made up the buffers 
ourselves.  Some people used Promega enzymes, but most of us used BMB
enzymes for the work.  either will do the job.
	Good luck with your deletions.

Dr. Leonard N. Bloksberg
PreissJ at
Dept. of Biochemistry
Michigan State University

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