Aqua Bidest

Karsten Niehaus karsten at
Thu Nov 5 06:50:29 EST 1992

> A researcher here has an HPLC procedure from a German paper that calls for
> "Aqua Bidest" as part of the solvent system.  We've so far been unable to
> determine what this is -- can anyone help us?
> Thanks
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Dear Bill Melchior,

I think you got the recipe for "Aqua Bidest" (correct: Aqua bi destillata).
Since some years I avoid "Aqua Bidest" because it contains more organic 
traces (due to the destillation). If you use a UV-Monitor at 180 to 220 nm
in your HPLC system this may cause problems. We found that "Aqua Demin"
(deminralized water) works better. 

Karsten Niehaus
University odf Bielefeld
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