hybridization problems (update)

jgill at kean.ucs.mun.ca jgill at kean.ucs.mun.ca
Mon Nov 9 08:42:07 EST 1992

Hi All:

About a month ago I posted a letter entitled Hybridization Problems.  
In this letter I stated that I was having trouble with my northern and 
slot blots, wherby I was getting a negative signal on my autorad.  
First of all I would like to thank all of you for your suggestions and 
say that my problem has recently been resolved.  I changed my Nylon 
N(+) membrane to the Zetaprobe GT by Biorad.  Now my bands are showing 
up just lovely for both Northern and Slot Blots.  Also I found that I 
get very low background with oligos as well as my cDNA probe.

Thanx Juan

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