Cause of phage difference?

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Thu Nov 12 14:36:40 EST 1992

In article <921110102536.2f74 at VTHVAX.TAMU.EDU>, MCAO at VTHVAX.TAMU.EDU writes:
> 	Hi, the size of the phage on my screening plate varies a lot. What may
> cause this phenomenon? The insert size or the bacterial strain?
> 						Ming Cao

You don't say whether this is within a single plate or between plates.

On a single plate there are often differences between individual plaques.
These can be due to different inserts, to poorly poured plates (thicker
on one side than the other), and to differences in where in the agar the
plaque started (remember that a plaque is a section of a sphere, not a circle).

Between plates differences can be due to amount of moisture in plate, amount
of top agar, amount of cells, and age of cells.

This is only a partial list of possible causes.  Just about anything can
affect plaque size.

Andrew Cockburn

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