Northern Blots

Martin Kennedy cytogen at
Thu Nov 12 00:14:56 EST 1992

In article <BxH09v.C95 at>, pnh at (Paul N Hengen) writes:
> Jaishree Muppala Chittoor writes:
>>Help!  I am seeing a very intense background in all my blots, recently.  The 
>>hybridization protocol that I used was working properly (with no background) 
>>in all of my earlier blots. And now, all of a sudden, I am having this problem. 
> This is just a crazy thought, but the first thing I would do is:
> 1. Make sure someone hasn't recently replaced the safety lamp in
> the dark room.
> 2. Start with all fresh developing solutions for the X-ray film.
> Did you say you were using radioactivity? Run an unexposed piece
> of film through to make certain.
> Paul N. Hengen

It should be easy to distinguish between film problems vs blot bg:  only the
area covered by the blot will be black if it is background.

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