In vitro mutagenesis kit recommendation?

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Thu Nov 12 17:45:10 EST 1992

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>I apoligize if I'm lowering the intellectual level of this conference :-)
>but I promised to post an inquiry to see if there are any favorite kits for
>mutagenesis.  Is there any difference in the products?  Is there a
>consensus on a favorite?


You are lowering the value of this forum. About half of the traffic here 
is based on discussions of what is the best kit to "buy" rather than what
is really important, the technical details of the procedures. 

As with Exo III deletions, get yourself a copy of Maniatis, a few papers
from the library (I recommend the Kunkel procedure) and yes, buy a few 
salts from the stockroom. You don't need the high priced hand-holding
from Biosham (TM). 

Then come back with some intelligent questions, and I'm sure you will find
more than enough help here.


J. Graham
Biology and Chemistry Departments
Indiana University -Bloomington

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