Gel Slick anyone?

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Fri Nov 13 09:45:31 EST 1992

> My wife and I (work in the same lab :-) ) were curious if anyone has
> tried the AT Biochem Gel Slick as an alternative to Pierce's Surfacil.
> Pierce's product works well but the HCl fumes generated can be irratating.

If you're just using it to treat electrophoresis plates, as opposed to 
things like vessels and pipet tips for use in reactions, try Rain-X.  It's 
sold for making auto windshields water-repellant.  As near as I can tell, 
it's just a solution of a hard wax in a volatile solvent.  It's 
non-irritating and probably not very toxic.  It's available cheaply in the 
auto departments of discount stores.
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