Kits and catty bits

J Preiss--Seq Anal preissj at CLVAX1.CL.MSU.EDU
Sat Nov 14 00:49:00 EST 1992

Steve Moseley recently wrote in to scold Jim Graham for his highly 
oppinionated posting on the net.  Please cut each other some slack out 
here on the net.  Yes, Jim is an oppinionated cuss, but when it comes down
to it, so are the rest of us.  If we tell people to keep their oppinions
to themself (regardless of how obnoxious they are about posting them) then
we lose some important input to the net.
	I buy, use, and even recomend kits for some applications, and I
also do a lot of things the old fasioned way with salts from the stock room.
I appreciate all the up dates on the latest and best kits, and I also like
the real world reminders from people like Jim that we are still capable of
doing things ourselves.
	Thank you to both Steve and Jim, but please remember, there is room for
both of you on the net.

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