Wanted: practical experience with Gene Sprinter

Cheung C. Yue ccy at po.CWRU.Edu
Sun Nov 15 10:50:29 EST 1992

I saw the video from Fotodyne on their new sequencing package called 
Gene Sprinter.  It basically uses 50 micron thick acylamide gels run
in a controlled-temperature apparatus using a 10,000 volt power supply.
Gel runs are typically 30 minutes or so.
Gels are dried right on the glass plate by a simple heating device with
no need for vacuum.  Volumes of running buffers used amount to less than
100 or so ml. per run.  The gels are a bit short so they claim readings
of 250 bp or so.  From my perspective, this apparatus seems ideal for
many of the shorter sequencing runs one needs in a mol biol lab.  The
price tag for the whole package amounts to $10,000 or so.  They told
me they would not sell any components of the systems separately (kind
of wasteful in my case since I have 2 recirculating pumps in the lab 
already).  I am curious if anyone on the net have had direct practical
experience with this system, and whether things are as easy and convenient
as they seem in the demo.

I have no connections with Fotodyne.  I am merely interested in feedback
on this system.

ccy at po.cwru.edu

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