Opinions on TnT Lysate ?

EDWIN TEN DAM BEMDAM at rulgl.LeidenUniv.nl
Wed Nov 18 11:08:00 EST 1992

Hi Netlanders!

Has anyone outhere used the TnT Lysate System from Promega? Yes, it's a kit,
8-) but I guess most of you don't make rabbit reticulocyte lysates yourselves.
TnT is a system for coupled transcription/translation. It's available in T7 and
SP6 flavours, and it's big advantage <at least on paper> is that you can use
miniprep plasmid DNA as a template. No digestions, no cleaning up your RNA etc.
Sounds pretty good. And fast.
I'd like to know your experiences, especially with respect to efficiencies and
pricing versus separate transcription/translation.

Thanks, Edwin

If i get a lot of responses, I'll summarise. No, I don't work for Promega._

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