Live Bgal detection

Darren Natale camdna at
Thu Nov 19 10:33:00 EST 1992

In article <1992Nov19.041136.18053 at>, rss19 at (Richard S Sucgang) writes...
>Hey all! I wonder if anyone can recommend a way of detecting 
>B-galactosidase activity in living eukaryotic tissue or cells
>without having to fix them? Well, if you can't think of one, how
>about a different reporter gene that can be detected in live
>tissue? For that matter, is there a gene that can be selected
>*against* in non-dividing cells, that is, cells carrying the
>gene can be actively killed?
>thanks for the help!
>e-mail if you'd like, and i'll summarize
>rs54 at
>"Working with Dicty? Have you tried the Franke database yet?"

Please clarify--what kind of eukaryotic cells are you using?

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