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Wed Nov 18 23:10:23 EST 1992


Thanks for all the advices and protocols I've receviced for the last two days.
I'm surprised by the number of the responses my original post generated, and
am convinced that this is a great newsgroup where one can get real help.
Anyway, I'm sorry that I couldn't reply to everyone, here is a brief summary
of the advices I've received.
(1) ppt with isoproponal and fish out DNA with glass rod etc.
    I've tried this method, however didn't help in my case.
(2) don't completely dry DNA after ppt.
    good suggestion. However, this can't be my problem as I only dry pellete
    by standing on the bench for a few minutes then suspend in buffer.
(3) polysaccharides content causing the insoluble problem.
    very likely. As I used green leaves (not etiolated) which have lot of
    starch. Starch will co-ppt with nuclei and thus causing problems.
So next step, really, is to avoid the contamination of polysaccharides during
DNA isolation.


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