Hybe conditions

Klaus.Matthaei at anu.edu.au Klaus.Matthaei at anu.edu.au
Tue Nov 24 02:20:01 EST 1992

>a while ago you posted about hybe conditions and recommended the
>following for DNA probe RNA target:
>50% formamide, 2xPE, 7% SDS, 1% BSA at 50 degrees
>When I prepare this solution, all (or most of) the BSA precipitates after
>I have added the SDS. Is this a bug or a feature?
>Thanks for your answer in advance, Cornelius.
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Hi Cornelius

I have never seen a precipitate. We always use electrophoresis SDS as well
as Fraction V BSA from Sigma.  Is it possible that the precipitate that you
get is from impurities from your reagents?  Otherwise I do not know what
your precipitate could be.

Cheers, Klaus
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