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In article <1992Nov23.184108.61220 at cc.usu.edu>, sl14z at cc.usu.edu writes:
> If anyone could possibly help with information pertaining to PCRing a
> 2000bp sequence, please do so by sending a Vax mail message to this 
> address.  I have been attempting to amplify an IGS region from a 
> Laccaria bicolor dik. collector Kropp using sequenced primers at
> approx. 15 b (depending on the primer).  I have used low annealing
> temperatures but have only once achieved a fragmented amplified area.
> If anyone has any tips or advice please respond.
> 						Thanks,
> 						Steve Albee
> 						Utah State University

Try restricting the template DNA with an enzyme that does not cut within 
the target DNA.
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