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>>Hey all! I wonder if anyone can recommend a way of detecting 
>>B-galactosidase activity in living eukaryotic tissue or cells
>>without having to fix them? Well, if you can't think of one, how
>>about a different reporter gene that can be detected in live
> Look in Molecular Bioprobes' catalog -- they have a number of
> substrates for a number of enzymes (including lacZ) which can
> be used in living tissue.  Luciferases are another option --
> either the firefly or bacterial ones (which use different
> substrates).

Molecular Probes will give you a list of relevant refernces with whatever you 
buy, but a recent elegant paper you might want to check out is Reddy et al, 
PNAS vol 89, pp 6721 - 6725 as a starting point for this. They are using 
fluorescein di-beta-D-galactopyranoside at 1mM final, and are using this for 

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